100% arabica sweet Bernini blend      

Confezioni Bernini

In the constant quest for development, we have created, in months of research and texts, a new blend.

We are so proud of to be wanting to identify it with our surname, precisely “ miscela Bernini “.

It’s been our intention to create an outstanding product, not only in terms of quality but also aimed at the best success with the Espresso method of extraction. It resulted a 100% Arabica blend, perfectly balanced between body and aromas, with finesse and low acidity, creamy and sweet with far hints of chocolate.

We consider the result an almost prefect balance between South American natural Arabica and Central American and African washed Arabica.

packs of 1000 and 250gr

Bernini coffee label

Brewing temperature suggested 92°/94°
Roasting degree: Italian, Agtron degree 42/35 depending from the components of the blend

processing variety
Brasile Alta Mogiana franca Gr 2 17/18 natural Cataui – Caturra
Colombia Excelso Huia washed Bourbon – Caturra – Typica
Mexico Altura HG EP Turquesa washed Bourbon – Caturra
Santo Domingo Barahona Supreme AA washed Typica – Caturra
Costarica Tournon SHB Pacifico Sur    washed Typica