Coffee machines Unico Splendor


Unico Splendor is the line of coffee machines thought up, designed and developed by Mokaflor for the home. However, the quality and elegance that distinguish these luxury coffee machines also make them ideal for hotels, company conference rooms, offices and studios, bistros, wine bars, small top-grade restaurants and every situation where, even though the volume of service is not great, the quality of the espresso must meet the standard of elegance surrounding it.

Macchina da caffè Unico Splendor

Important detail: the machine can be used both with grounded coffee and with the modern pods system.

The Unico Splendor luxury coffee machines and matching coffee grinders are all made in the same style, quality and level of finish, built entirely in steel and brass. The rounded, classic lines are all created with invisible welding and laser perforated grilles. The technical quality of machines with this level of style cannot be any less. The extraction group is the same as that of the legendary E61, the gaskets are made to last and the water softening system guarantees protection from the worst enemy: limestone.

The technical features of the machine are the following:

- Professional-type infusion-based espresso coffee machine
– Electro-thermal and hydraulic system consisting of boiler, heat exchanger, pump and internal tank
– Steam wand and hot-water wand with rotating-type control-knob
– Coffee delivery group made of solid brass with lever-operated mechanical control, 2 positions + pre-infusion, with micro switch for pump control
– Autonomy: 50 medium-size coffees approx
– Average delivery time: 25 seconds approx
– Pre-arrangement for application of coffee-pod infusion adapter

Macchina da espresso Unico Splendor
Unico Splendor macchina per espresso
Macchina per fare espresso