Mokaflor: high quality Italian coffee

Roasting coffee since the 50s, the Mokaflor is a company that is handed down from father to son.

A choice of continuity toward familiarity and experience with the coffee product, an added value for a kind of work that still uses the human eye (in getting the exact shading of colour of the coffee in roasting) and the sense of taste (in evaluating the green coffee batches) as fundamental elements of the job.

Preparazione caffè Mokaflor espresso

The lots of green coffee arrive in Florence, at the Mokaflor roasting plant, from every part of the world; Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, India, Ethiopia, Java, Jamaica, Porto Rico, Hawaii and other areas. There is a direct relation with the producers; the company in fact stipulates multi-year contracts with the same producers: the best batches and the most consistent quality.

Mokaflor has always put flexibility at the centre of its operating system. More packing lines, with machines that can pack grounded or in beans coffees from 125gr to 3kg, with a production that varies from 100 to 400 packages per hour. The packaging guaranties the maintenance of the aromas and the absolute freshness of the product thanks to the vacuum system and the aluminium opening to tear in.

Torrefazione a Firenze
Capuccino con Latte Art
Macchinari per la Torrefazione in Mokaflor
Foto storica dell'azienda Mokaflor
Palazzo Vecchio a Firenze
Cucchiaino con Caffè in polvere