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Caffè biologico

The organic Mokaflor coffee, FAIRTRADE certified “Q Certificazioni” is a precious 80/20 with rare washed Robustas from Sumatra and flavoured (with a smooth acidity, try it with sugar) Arabica from Costa Rica.

It is proposed in a package designed by a famous cartoonist. Art and coffee for a world that deserves more!

Bag 1000gr, pack 250gr.

Label with coffè roasting information
processing variety
Sumatra Mandelhing-Padang bi semi-washed Bergendal – Ateng
Honduras SHG Ocotepeque bio washed Caturra
Aceh bio natural Robusta

Brewing temperature suggested 92°/94°
Roasting degree: Italian, Agtron degree 42/35 depending from the components of the blend