80/20 GOLD blend italian taste

Confezioni di Linea oro

A blend that combines the extraordinary harmony of the American washed Arabica with the full body of Brazilian coffee from Minas Gereis and the characteristic velvety cream typical of a selected production of Indian Robusta. The aftertaste is spicy and intense. All the coffee varieties that compose the blend are grown in the shadow of banana and pepper trees.

1000g/500g/250g bag

gold coffee label
processing variety
Brasil Alta Mogiana franca Gr 2 17/18 natural Cataui – Caturra
Colombia Excelso Huia washed Bourbon – Caturra – Typica
Mexico Altura HG EP Turquesa washed Bourbon – Caturra
India Parchment Karnataka washed Robusta
Djimmah Ethiopia Grade 1 natural Typica – Djimmah
Java Indonesia natural Robusta
Uganda natural Robusta

Brewing temperature suggested 92°/94°
Roasting degree: Italian, Agtron degree 42/35 depending from the components of the blend