The two products lines of Mokaflor

The products of Mokaflor roasting are divided into two lines born with the aim to follow and serve different segments and market needs. but both with the same philosophy: high quality.
Coffee specialties, the classic Italian blends, flavored coffees, organic coffee and so on, everything at the best level.

Caffè Mokaflor

The Mokaflor line, that bears the same name of the company, is dedicated to the blends of the classic Italian tradition of espresso and barista. Moreover in this line you can find classic and elegant packaging for the retail and large-scale retail..

Always with the high quality of Mokaflor.

Linea caffè Chiaroscuro

Chiaroscuro is the roasting line of Mokaflor dedicated to the most innovative high-quality projects. Traciable and Specialty coffees for brewing and espresso, some of them in limited edition. Single origin coffee such as Jamaica Blue Mountain, Kenya AA, the Ethiopia Sidamo and the Kopi Luwak. Flavored coffees, organic and fair trade coffees and so on… More than a cup, a world!

Caffè con metodo Brewing

Italian coffee means just Espresso?

Mokaflor offers a wide choice of coffees for filter systems and pour over; from the most balanced blends to the best traceable single origin roasted with the best profiles
The best choices for your V60, Aeropress and cold brew …

Caffè in chicchi Chiaroscuro

Coffee, like wine, has its great excellences; specialty coffee from high altitude plantations, carefully selected beans and limited productions. Mokaflor offers some of the most extraordinary coffee in the world, from Jamaica Blue Mountain Ethiopia Sidamo, to the single farm prized coffee for the coffee sommelier. Each coffee is accompanied by organoleptic profile and directions for proper extraction espresso or pour over …

Mokaflor caffè

The coolest cups for espresso, cappuccino and latte, T-Shirts, jugs for latte art, tampers, signs, clocks and aprons …

Mokaflor furnishes (and organizing) Your coffee shops!