The fairly traded & solidal coffee


It is perhaps natural to get the questions, after many years of knowing the coffee world, plantations and the conditions under which the market forces many campesinos.

These men, these peasants, spread over races and worlds, from Mexico to Colombia, to Cameroon and Indonesia, have in common an often difficult job and often only paid at subsistence levels. The Mokaflor do not want the coffee to taste so bitter for many, too many people, for these we are certified Fair trade.

The Organic coffee


Our bio coffees are certified from Q Certificazioni and they come from organic farming, obtained without the use of any chemical substance of synthesis and in full respect of the environment. The defense against pests is carried out by integrated pest control with the use of insects, the use of substances of mineral origin, vegetable, animal and plant resistant; the fertility of the soil is maintained and enhanced with natural fertilizers and correct agronomic practices; the defense by weeds is carried out without any pesticide, using mechanical techniques, agronomic and physical.

The Mokaflor products Fair trade & Bio

Caffè Bio Nature

Fair trade and organic coffee

The exclusive Mokaflor blend for coffee shops, made only of coffees grown in plantations that follow FLO fair trade standards is a precious 80/20 with rare washed Robustas from Sumatra and flavoured (with a smooth acidity, try it with sugar) Arabica from Costa Rica.

The coffee is also certified by “Q Certificazioni”

Bags of 250 and 500 gr

Caffè biologico

Just Coffee

The organic Mokaflor coffee, FAIRTRADE certified “Q Certificazioni” is a 90/10 blend composed with a mix of Central American coffees, from Guatemala to Mexico, blended with a bit of Ethiopian and natural arabica from small Brasilian plantation.

It is proposed in a package designed by a famous cartoonist. Art and coffee for a world that deserves more!

bag 1000gr and pack of 250gr.