The transparent  coffee Mokaflor


For far too long the commercial world of coffee is wrapped in a cloud of approximation and banality that helps neither the operator nor the customer to enter the culture and the knowledge of this wonderful product

It is why, in Mokaflor we chose to accompany our products with a label that explains, in detail, how the blend has been thought out and composed, and how to make the best for your needs. 

Selezione caffè in chicchi torrefazione Mokaflor
Label with coffè roasting information

The labels Mokaflor explain

1 – Percentage Composition of the blends, place of origin, botanical variety and type of processing of every coffee used in the blend  (see on this page all of the details on varieties and of the processes of coffee processing)

2 - The degree of roasting selected for that coffee   (see the rating scales of the roasting of the coffee  in this page)

4 - The profile of tasting evaluated with the parameters of SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) and in this page you can discover how this taste is evaluated.

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