The eight steps of Mokaflor

Eight steps: this was the distance between the small shop where in 1950 was founded our roasting company Mokaflor and Piazza della Signoria, the heart of Florence, one of those places that in life you must see.

Eight steps: from that small Mokaflor’s bottega  has grown, and like all those who grow up with awareness has made certain decisions…
… And continues to make them:

Torrefazione Mokaflor a Firenze


It chooses and verifies within the company all of its lots of raw coffee


It chose the method of artisanal roasting, with batch system, find out how in our video tour!


It has chosen to leave and de-gas its coffee for three days after roasting, to be packaged only  ripe coffee to the right place.


It has chosen a line of coffee and products beyond belief, more than 50 references. Because people who are looking for a coffee can find a whole world


It has chosen to offer culture and professionalism, that is often lacking with the school of Espresso coffee Academy.


It has chosen to believe it can be a better world, with the FLO certified Fair trade.


It has chosen to offer a coffee line BIO-NATURE, coming from organic farming, with “Q certificazioni“.


It has chosen to be transparent, with a packaging that tells us in detail the composition of the mixture, the organoleptic profile and recommendations for a better extraction.

Preparazione caffè Mokaflor espresso

Quality choices, consequences of quality

The group is now present in many countries of the world. HORECA sector and gourmet shops, there are many quality structures that each day serve Mokaflor to their customers, from Mexico to Japan.

The products of the line ChiaroScuro were chosen and are marketed by many E-commerce sites dedicated to food quality, both in the Nordic countries and in the german language.