In the traceable blends of Mokaflor, coffee is what it should always be: a product of the nature. Not an anonymous product, but a bean from a farm, cultivated by farmers on soils rich of nutrition from the equatorial belt, grown thanks to the tropical rains and the knowledge of nature and its rhythms that farmers in Central America, the Brazil and Ethiopia have developed over time.

Knowledge not only of the climate and soil, but also the precise variety of coffee and the aroma notes with which each variety can enrich our cup of coffee.

Our roasting company has direct relationships with the farmers and brings in your cup only the latest crop of coffee, the freshest, guaranteeing an intense and unique aromatic notes.

You can offer these blends in your coffee shop supported by a communication specifically designed to allow you to present to your customers not only quality, but also ethics and uniqueness.

Our traceable blends are composed with different percentages of coffees of the following farms:

Origin Cultivated at meters OSL Varietal
 Fazenda Capim Branco (Brasile)  1100 mt Arabica Yellow Catuaì
 Finca Santa Adelaida (El Salvador)  1200 mt  Arabica Bourbon e Pacas
 Finca La Hermandad & El Balcanes (Nicaragua)  1.100 – 1.300 mt  Arabica Caturra & Catimor
 Washing­Station Kolisha (Etiopia) 1.950 – 2.350 mt  Arabica Heirloom
 Cooperativa Rukulakta (Ecuador)  600 mt  robusta
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