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The excellence of Italian Coffee

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Mokaflor Distributor
Mokaflor Distributor

Our most popular products

Thousands of customers have spoken, these are their favourites!

Mokaflor Distributor

100% Bernini Arabica blend

A top-quality blend made with exceptional coffees like Honduras Marcala and Santo Domingo Barahona.

Mokaflor Distributor

Red Blend 60/40

A classic, rich, and intense traditional Italian espresso, made of a 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta blend.

Mokaflor Distributor

80/20 Gold Blend

Mokaflor’s best-seller, combining Brazil’s Alta Mogiana sweetness, Honduras Marcala’s fruity tones, and Indian Robusta’s intense aroma.

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What they say about us

Here are what some of our customers say!

Mokaflor Distributor


“Exceptional Collaboration” “Mokaflor’s collaboration stands out. Their quick, tailored responses and the exceptional quality of their blend set a new standard for quality.”

Mokaflor Distributor


“Reliable Collaboration, Exceptional Coffee”
“The sales team at Mokaflor is very reliable. They helped me sort out all the documentation that I needed to import their coffees in Asia.”
Mokaflor Distributor


 “Efficiency and Great Coffee” “Impressed by Mokaflor’s efficiency. They deliver an authentic Italian espresso experience, reflecting their commitment to prompt service and high quality coffee.”

Mokaflor Distributor


“Friendly Service, Unbeatable Coffee”
“We’ve been buying Mokaflor coffees for over 16 years and are very satisfied by their quality, fast service and dedication to customer satisfaction”

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About Us: A Story of Quality

Welcome to the world of Mokaflor, an Italian roasting company dedicated to passionately creating high-quality coffee blends for over 70 years.

Born in the heart of Florence, our heritage intertwines with the city’s passion and Renaissance grace, reflected in every unique, high-quality blend we create. Our endeavor is to share the genuine essence of artful flavor with the world.

Mokaflor Distributor

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Mokaflor Distributor
Mokaflor Distributor

Slow roasting and single origin

For 70 years, Mokaflor has stayed true to slow and single-origin roasting methods. We don’t compromise on quality by rushing the process with faster and cheaper methods.

Mokaflor Distributor

Join Us as a Mokaflor Distributor

Grow alongside us. Our expert team is here to provide technical support and training on our blends and coffee preparation.

Mokaflor Distributor

Sustainability and Quality

We pick only the best coffee beans from sustainable sources. Beyond quality, we’re committed to developing direct relationships to our coffee growers worldwide.

Mokaflor Distributor

The excellence of Mokaflor in 4 key points

Explore the advantages that position Mokaflor coffees as the perfect choice for your business.

High Quality Raw Materials

We meticulously select raw coffee from designated plantations, fostering sustainability through direct relationships with producers and transparent sourcing practices.

Artisan roasting

Each coffee variety undergoes individualized, attentive roasting to ensure optimal profiles, delivering exceptional results in every cup.

Extensive Product Range

Our team of experts meticulously crafts a diverse range of blends, from traditional Italian taste to traceable, organic, and certified coffees. We also offer pods and capsules, each offering a balanced and studied taste.

Commitment to Sustainability

At the core of our business lies sustainability. Our commitment translates into supporting social, environmental, and agricultural projects, culminating in the creation of our sustainable coffees.

Mokaflor Distributor

Mokaflor coffee: Italian quality, slow roasting, unique blends, sustainability.

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