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Delight your customers with Mokaflor coffee blends, synonymous with quality and tradition.

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Mokaflor reseller
Mokaflor reseller

Our most popular products

Thousands of customers have spoken, these are their favourites!

Mokaflor reseller

100% Bernini Arabica blend

A blend of the highest level, bordering on the specialty world, made up of famous coffees, such as Honduras Marcala and Santo Domingo Barahona.

Mokaflor reseller

Red Blend 60/40

The 60/40 red blend represents the classic creamy, full-bodied and intense espresso of the Italian tradition.

Mokaflor reseller

80/20 Gold Blend

The best-selling blend in the Mokaflor catalogue, which combines the sweetness of Brazil’s Alta Mogiana, the fruity notes of Honduras Marcala and the body of Indian Robusta.

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Abou us

A story of quality

Welcome to the world of Mokaflor, the Italian company that has been passionately dedicated to the creation of high quality coffee blends for over 70 years.

Born and raised in the heart of Florence, we proudly bring the passion and Renaissance elegance of our city in the creation of unique and high quality coffee blends, sharing the authentic flavor of art with the world

Mokaflor reseller

Do you want to discover the Mokaflor offer for resellers?

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Mokaflor reseller
Mokaflor reseller

Slow roasting and single origin

As it has been for 70 years now, without bending over to new “faster” and cheaper methods that would compromise the quality of the final product.

Mokaflor reseller

Grow with us

Our team of experts is at your disposal to offer you technical support and training on our blends and coffee preparation techniques.

Mokaflor reseller

Sustainability and quality

Mokaflor selects only the best coffee beans from sustainable and certified crops. We are also committed to sustainable development projects in the world of work.

They say about us

We asked some of our customers for a comment... read them, we are proud of them!

Mokaflor reseller


I’ve started using Mokaflor coffee in my cafe and I’m thrilled with the results: customers love the intense flavor and aroma. The service is impeccable and the training provided was truly invaluable. Highly recommended!

Mokaflor reseller


“We had some awesome Dolci and great coffee there – but most of all it’s the amazing friendliness of people who run this place that made it a perfect visit. Three mornings of our three days-stay in Florence.”

Mokaflor reseller


Since I chose Mokaflor coffee for my bar, the clientele has increased and the compliments are countless! The authentic Italian aroma and taste made our coffee irresistible. Thank you Mokaflor!

Mokaflor reseller


Switching to Mokaflor was the best decision for my café. Customers love the rich, intense flavor of the blends and the authentic Italian coffee experience we have brought to our community. Reliability and quality guaranteed!

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Mokaflor reseller

The excellence of Mokaflor in 4 key points

Discover the advantages that make Mokaflor the ideal coffee for your business

Quality raw material

Transparent selection of raw coffee from selected plantations, with sustainable projects and direct contacts with producers.

Artisan roasting

Each variety of coffee is individually roasted with care, to guarantee the best roasting profile and result in the cup.

Huge line of products

Thanks to our team of experts, each blend is well balanced and studied offering from traditional Italian blends, to traceable, organic and certified coffees, up to pods and capsules.


Key to our business process, our sustainable coffees are the result of supporting social, environmental and agricultural projects.

Mokaflor reseller

Mokaflor coffee: Italian quality, slow roasting, unique blends, sustainability.

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