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Over the past few years, the interest and knowledge for coffee has grown exponentially and is in continuous evolution. This is why, in 2015 we have created CaffèLab: a dynamic laboratory born by the desire of a group of coffee experts and professionals to share their passion and knowledge. CaffèLab experiments, researches and offers you the best Specialty Coffees and tools from all over the world!

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CaffèLab is not only a space of research and innovation, but also an E-commerce. On www.caffelab.com you can choose amongst a range of Specialty Coffees, Mokaflor coffee blends and barista tools, all accurately selected and displayed by our experts.
Only the best coffees are available online and easy to choose also for the less expert, thanks to accurate descriptions and tasting analyses.

On CaffèLab you will also find an innovative and unique tool that gives you the possibility to make your own blend by choosing from 7 different coffee origins, and to personalize your own packaging: check out our coffee configurator!

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