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Chiaroscuro is a concept and product line which combines the italian tradition to the taste of some of the world's most exclusive coffees.

This product line was created by Mokaflor to give importance to some of the most exclusive and best single origin coffees from all over the world. The Jamaica Blue Mountain, Kenya AA, Ethiopia Sidamo, Kopi Luwak and Nepal Mount Everest are only a few of the coffees available in this product range which is thought for the home or bar consumption. Some special blends such as the flavoured, Fair Trade or Organic are also available.

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Chiaroscuro Product Line

Chiaroscuro 100% Arabica blend

Chiaroscuro 100% Arabica blend Description The Chiaroscuro 100% is a blend of some of the best quality arabicas from all over the …

Chiaroscuro Product Line

Costarica Tournon

Costarica Tournon Description In Costa Rica, coffee is grown almost exclusively at more than 1.500 meters above sea level on rich, well …

Chiaroscuro Product Line

Galapagos Organic San Cristobal

Galapagos Organic San Cristobal Description This outstanding farm coffee from Galapagos Islands is certified organic, bird friendly and grown under the …

Chiaroscuro Product Line

Giava Indonesia

Giava Indonesia Description Coffee is grown all over the Indonesian archipelago, and Java is one of the most important areas. This …

Chiaroscuro Product Line

Guatemala Antigua pastores

Guatemala Antigua pastores Description The high quality of this coffee is enhanced by the special care taken in its harvesting and later …

Chiaroscuro Product Line

Hawaii Kona

Hawaii Kona Description Along with Jamaica, Hawaii has always been considered to have the world’s finest coffee. The plantations where this coffee …

Chiaroscuro Product Line

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaica Blue Mountain Description Mountains are the home of Jamaican coffee. From a narrow coastal plain, they rise and meet in the …

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