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The Espresso Academy was founded in 2009 in Florence by Mokaflor´s coffee experts as a school for coffee knowledge, barista, bar management and roasting.

Courses and activities

For over a decade, a group of coffee experts and professionals, train over thousands of students every year. The Espresso Academy courses vary from barista and barman basics to Latte Art and Brewing, to bar management, coffee roasting and cupping. These courses can also be taken all together in approximately one week with a full immersion called “Coffee Route”.

Our school also collaborates with the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and is certified for examinations in all levels and for the Latte Art Grading System. Every month the Espresso Academy also organizes open days and cuppings with the trainers, in order to become part of a community of coffee experts while continuing to train your skills.

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Espresso Academy abroad

Approximately 50% of our students come from abroad (countries such as New Zealand, Russia, Chile, USA, all over Europe and many others. This is because more and more people acknowledge the fact that to serve a good coffee, it’s essential to train good barista skills and enlarge the coffee knowledge.

The success of our training method can be measured with the opening of two new branches in the United Arab Emirates and Thailand, with new ones to follow soon.

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