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Un trend in crescita

In the past few years, the interest and knowledge about coffee have grown a lot, and many new extraction methods have been developed.

This is why we’ve put together a group of experts, to create a unique and innovative coffee laboratory. The aim of Caffèlab is to research and test the best coffees from all over the world using all types of extraction methods.

The Specialty Coffees


High amount of points assigned by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association)

The Specialty Coffees


Traceability. Each coffee comes from one specific farm.

The Specialty Coffees


Lack of defects when tasted

The Specialty Coffees

Current crop

Current crop - the coffee needs to have been picked in that year

The Specialty Coffees


Specific aromatic notes and identity

Our Specialty Coffees are

The Specialty Coffees

Roasted in a machine that has a max. capability of 1 Kg and following specific roasting profiles

The Specialty Coffees

Roasted only on request and not packaged before five days after roasting in order to allow degassing

The Specialty Coffees

Packaged fresh, immediately after degassing

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