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The planet matters to us and so does our coffee. This is why we source these organic and fairtrade coffees from certified plantations all over the world!

Mokaflor Green line

We are very glad to present our new range of Organic / Bio Mokaflor coffee blends!

These single origin coffees are roasted and blended in three different versions with Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico together with Robusta beans from India.       

All three are available in the classic Mokaflor packaging in a green version, in order to be easily recognizable as organic / bio.    


Our Fair Trade Coffee

The many years of experience and knowledge of the world of coffee and its plantations have brought us to get to learn a lot about the farmers and their working conditions.

This is why we give a lot of importance to our Fair Trade coffee, which supports the farmers and assures their good working conditions.         

Not only do we already work with many farms directly and have visited many, being able to assure the correct working conditions, but we have also decided to collaborate with Fair Trade to support the supervision and quality of labor.


Our Organic Coffee

Also, our organic coffees are certified by Q certifications to guarantee that these farms take care of the environment in which the coffee is grown, without using chemical substances.

To protect the plants, only natural resources such as organic manures, a good soil fertility, and correct agronomic procedures are applied in order to maintain the coffee plantations.

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