Furgone Mokaflor

The company

Accurate assessment of green coffee, artisan roasting with the discontinuous method, customized blends decided with the client and Speciality and traceable Coffees. This is how Mokaflor is the italian roasting present in over 40 nations in the world. Discover the world Mokaflor, the coffee of Florence! Read more…

Confezioni prodotti Mokaflor

The products

Over 70 products that cover all segments of the coffee market: from the blends for Italian bar to the coffee in capsules, the coffee of excellence such as the Jamaica blue mountain, the best Coffee Specialities (above 85 points SCAA) and the traceable coffees; until the best coffees of the world in single origin. Discover here the wide catalog of Mokaflor! Read more..

Etichette confezioni di caffè


Mokaflor shows the coffee from the inside with its transparent labels. Varieties, traceability and for the processing of the coffee mixed, degree of roasting and extraction the ideal temperature and profile of taste. Find out here about the transparent labels of Mokaflor Read more…

Preparazione caffè espresso

Coffee excellence

Kopi Luwak, Jamaica Blue Mountain Nepal, Mount Everest and Galapagos, Mokaflor roasts the best coffees in the world with customized profiles of roasting. The very best coffee, worked at the top! Read more…

Tour Virtuale azienda Mokaflor Firenze

Virtual Tour

All the processing stages of the coffee Mokaflor, from the arrival of the bags of green coffee in the coffee roasting, to the examinations of the green and roasted up to the production and packing in a video that shows us the world of Mokaflor, from inside! Read more..

The products

Run you a coffee shop?
You want to bring the best italian quality in your nation? Your market its large-scale distribution, the chains of cafeteria, the E-commerce, or the gourmet world? With Mokaflor you will always find the right product for your customers.

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