Jamaica Blue Mountain

Caffè Jamaica Blue Mountain in confezione di latta

Mountains are the home of Jamaican coffee. From a narrow coastal plain, they rise and meet in the center of the island forming a range that crosses the island from east to west. Here altitude and latitude combine to form a climate that is always cool and misty, but never cold , with an exceptionally high rainfall.The famed blue mountain variety grows at between 500 and 1.500 metres above sea level within a radius of 20 km from Blue Mountain Peak.

In this area, all the elements come together to create a coffee that perfectly balances aroma, body, sourness and sweetness. Drunk fresh, the aroma is intense and strong, the flavour is full and fruity with the proper sourness, but in particular it is unusually persistent and, as a wine conoisseur would say, it develops on the palate.

Alluminum can 125gr.

jamaica coffee label

Brewing temperature suggested 92°/94°
Roasting degree: Italian, Agtron degree 42/35