The eight steps of Mokaflor

Eight steps: this was the distance between the first small shop where our roasting company was founded in 1950 and Piazza della Signoria, the heart of Florence! Today we roast coffees from all over the world and export them to more than 40 countries, with 3 different product lines.


Our products

From the classic blends of Italian espresso, to coffee capsules, coffee, coffee specialties and brewing. Culture and communication for a company that starts from the roots and innovates tradition.

Mokaflor Line

The MOKAFLOR LINE is dedicated to the classic tradition of espresso and Italian coffee shop, in pursuit of the best result.

Chiaroscuro Line

Chiaroscuro is a universe of coffee, which combines the Italian character of classic Italian espresso blends, with the taste of the finest coffees in the world.

The specialty coffees

In the past few years, the interest and knowledge about coffee have grown a lot, and many new extraction methods have been developed. This is why we’ve put together a group of experts, to create a unique and innovative coffee laboratory. The aim of Caffèlab is to research and test the best coffees from all over the world using all types of extraction methods.

Organic & fair trade coffee

The many years of experience and knowledge of the world of coffee and its plantations have brought us to get to learn a lot about the farmers and their working conditions. This is why we give a lot of importance to our Fair Trade coffee, which supports the farmers and assures their good working conditions.
Also, our organic coffees are certified by Q certifications to guarantee that these farms take care of the environment in which the coffee is grown, without using chemical substances.

Corporate video tour

Tasting, selection, toasting, cooling, degassing, mixing, packaging and distribution… we decided to tell you these phases and these attentions in video, taking you to visit, from inside, how we work in Mokaflor.

Our network

The CafféLab project was born as a collective, a group of people with different skills, different past and present but a same passion: quality coffee. Are you looking for a practical and innovative approach to training the world of coffee? Do you want to work as a barman? Discover the Espresso Academy.