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80/20 Oro - Golden Blend

Our Golden blend combines the sweetness of selected coffee beans from the region of Alta Mogiana in Brazil with the fruity notes of Honduras Marcala and the body of Indian robusta.

Golden Blend 80/20 is Mokaflor’s best-selling blend in Italy and around the world, a classic Italian espresso that combines a good body with intense sweet and spicy aromas.

80/20 Oro - Golden Blend
Miscela Oro 80% Arabica 20% Robusta

How we choose, roast and taste this coffee


To create this blend we started with a great base: the Brazil Alta Mogiana FrancaIts main varieties are Catuai and Caturra, of the Bourbon family. These coffee varieties are known for their floral notes and marked sweetness which is also enhanced by their natural processing, which tends to leave many of the sugars which the coffee bean organically contains. 

The other Arabica component is a Honduras Marcala SHB coffee, also of the Bourbon variety. We selected this coffee for its fruity notes, while the remaining 20% of the blend is made with a selected Robusta India Parchment processed with the washed method. Perfect to give the espresso’s body a velvety and creamy texture. 

You want to offer this coffee in your bar?


We suggest preparing this blend using a dose of 7.5g to obtain an espresso of 15 / 16g with a extraction time of 25/30 seconds.

These parameters, with a water temperature of 92°C, will allow you to extract a cup of espresso with a good hazelnut colored and elastic crema with dark brown stripes. The aromas are of chocolate, vanilla and caramel. 

The acidity is balanced, with a good sweetness and an excellent body combined with a persistent aftertaste. 

Available in the following formats:

 1kg, 500 gr and 250gr

Vacuum Bag
250gr vacuum ground coffee

Doypack packaging

Our new 250 gram stand alone doypack bags with valve. This completely recyclabe aluminum-free and resealable packaging is ideal for retail!

This blend is made of:

Brazil Alta Mogiana franca Gr 2 17/18
Method: Natural
Variety:  Catuai – Caturra

Honduras Marcala SHB
Method: Washed
Variety: Bourbon – Catuai

Indian Parchment Karnataka 
Method: Washed
Variety: Robusta

80/20 Oro - Golden Blend

This blend was created in collaboration with the trainer SCA Gabriele Cortopassi.

80/20 Oro - Golden Blend

Our coffees are designed, roasted and evaluated by the Espresso Academy team.

80/20 Oro - Golden Blend

Our company is a technical sponsor and official coffee of the Italian Barista Method.

80/20 Oro - Golden Blend

We help you to present this coffee in your bar!

At Mokaflor we know that a coffee, like other products, should be offered at its best,
we must tell him our quality!

That’s why we support you in the presentation of your coffees. With us panels, counter and table displays where we tell the quality of the mixture. Also training courses for your staff and training videos!

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