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Mokaflor organic and fair trade coffee


Fair Trade and Organic are two features with which Mokaflor Coffee likes to be identified.

Many years of knowledge of the coffee world and its plantations, have allowed us to know the conditions in which the market obliges many “campesinos” (Brasilian word for workers in coffee plantations). Since Mokaflor doesn’t want the coffee to have a “bitter” aftertaste for many, we are Fair Trade certified.

Our Organic coffees are also certified from “Q Certificazioni” and they come from organic farming, obtained without the use of any chemical substances in full respect of the environment.

The Mokaflor organic and Fair Trade coffee is certified “Q Certificazioni” and is a 90/10 blend composed of a mix of 90% Arabica from Honduras and Sumatra with a 10% of selected Indonesian Robusta.


This coffee was tasted as espresso at a temperature of 93°C for 25 ml in 26 seconds. The average degassing took place in 60 hours.
It has a hazelnut colored cream with red and grey nuances. This coffee has a very delicate body due to the high percentage of washed Arabicas, with aromas of vanilla and roasted hazelnut.

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Method Variety
Messico FT Washed Bourbon Caturra
Colombia FT Washed Caturra Castillo Bourbon
Indonesia Flores FT Natural Robusta



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