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The Chiaroscuro logo describes a fragrant arabica bean, just the ones we find in its coffee shops: the finest coffees from around the world, which transport us to a universe of taste and aroma.

With the most classic Italian espresso blends and the best coffees in the world, Chiaroscuro focuses on italian coffee preparations such as cappuccino and flavored coffees, appreciated since over 15 years by Coffee Lovers all over the world. The Chiaroscuro universe also includes the classic Italian dense hot chocolate selections, along with all the delights of the Italian cuisine and pastry.

Chiaroscuro: The franchising

Chiaroscuro is a product line and concept store created as a project for quality: new blends, fine single origin coffees, coffee machines, tools and much more. The Chiaroscuro Concept has coffee at the center of its world and the interiors are dominated by light colors of wood and copper.