Espresso Academy in Bahrain

Knowledge is known to be the key to success. That’s why Robert, one of our trainers at the Espresso Academy and coffee experts, is back in Bahrain for a week to train the team at the new Mokaflor concept.

Robert Brinck, one of our youngest trainers at the Espresso Academy, has spent a week in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, where the world’s first Mokaflor concept store opened a few months ago. With a team of 15 and over 300 square meters of retail space, the project has been a resounding success in the Middle East!

The new Mokaflor team in Bahrain

During the training, Robert taught the team everything about the Italian Barista Method: from the right setting and regulation of the espresso machine, to the management and dosage of the coffee grinder, abd the correct extraction time. In addition, he taught the different Latte Art techniques as well as maintenance and cleaning of the machine.


The Espresso Academy

From its creation in 2009 as a support to the clients of Mokaflor, the Espresso Academy is today known worldwide thanks to Italian Barista Method. The aim of this certification is to teach Italian way of preparing coffee, and more! From the choice of green coffee , to roasting, tasting, basic and advanced barista, to the third wave of coffee brewing. At the Espresso Academy you can find all courses for coffee professionals and lovers! Find out more, here.

Espresso Academy in BahrainEspresso Academy in Bahrain