Happy International Coffee Day 2019!

This year’s International Coffee Day is dedicated to the most important topic in coffee: the equal and fair treatment of workers and farmers.

Coffee is at it’s highest peak in history: 3 billion cups are being consumed every day! And although the demand is growing, the prices received by producers are below 30% of the average of the past 15 years.

Happy International Coffee Day 2019!
Young African woman showing freshly picked coffee cherries, coffee farm in Kenya, Africa. There are several species of Coffea – the coffee plant. The finest quality of Coffea being Arabica, which originated in the highlands of Ethiopia. Arabica represents almost 60% of the world’s coffee production..

What are the causes?

Due to the high demand and an increase in crop yields, there have been two years of surplus and a global oversupply of coffee. This drives down the prices and together with the increase of prices of transport, fertilizers and labor, farmers struggle to survive. To be precise, the International Coffee Day organization has found that 12 million households are affected by the coffee price crisis.

What can we do?

First of all, awareness.  It’s important for consumers to learn more about the product and to understand its cost. Especially in coffee, many steps have to take place in order for the bean to arrive in your cup.

We believe that roasters have a high responsibility in creating awareness. This is why at Mokaflor we choose to pay the right price for green coffee and select our suppliers and the plantations we work with directly or through importers who guarantee a fair trade through specific certifications.

Also through our courses at Espresso Academy, we try to diffuse and grow the knowledge about coffee, it’s processing methods and the many steps and stakeholders it encounters and affects.

Find out how you can support the cause yourself, by signing the petition and joining the #coffeepledge!