Our Special 70s edition!

2020 has been quite a “special” year and the world has seen some great changes and had some big challenges to face.

Nevertheless, 2020 is also the year in which Mokaflor is celebrating its 70 years since our founder Vasco Bernini has started the company in a small alley behind Piazza della Signoria.

Our Special 70s edition!
Vasco Bernini founder of Mokaflor, foto 1950

Of course we’d love to throw a party and invite you all, but as this is quite impossible at the moment, we still wanted to celebrate by doing what we do best!

This is why we’ve selected, roasted and blended a very special and new version of our best-selling blends and created

The Mokaflor Special 70s Espresso Blend

This 85% Arabica and 15% Robusta blend is made of three Specialty Coffees from Ethiopia, Mexico and Uganda.
Our Special 70s edition!
This espresso blend is made of three specialty coffee varieties

Fazenda Rainha – Yellow Bourbon – Pulped Natural Arabica

Finca Muxbal – Red Bourbon, Catuai – Washed Arabica

Kaweri Plantation – Robusta – Washed


This Specialty Coffee blend is a unique mix between the sweetness of the Southern and Central American coffee varieties from Mexico and Brazil and the body and intensity of the Robusta Coffee from Uganda.

Enjoy this traditional Italian roasted coffee made with unique and sustainable single origins, all roasted separately to reach their ideal roasting profile.

  • slow roasting method
  • 48 hours degassing
  • processing method: natural and washed
  • packaging size 500g
Find more information about the Mokaflor Special 70s edition at the following link!
Our Special 70s edition!
Mokaflor 70 years specialty coffee espresso blend