The Best Method for Coffee Storage!

When it comes to coffee, one of the most frequently asked questions certainly is its best method of conservation. Precisely for this reason our experts have carried out a test to evaluate and compare the three main methods of coffee storage: fridge, freezer or pantry.

The Best Method for Coffee Storage!10 days before the test date, a coffee package of the Chiaroscuro 100% Arabica blend (with whole beans), roasted 15 days before, was opened. Therefore, 100 grams were taken for each preservation method and stored in envelopes with a degassing valve and a zip closure.

The pantry chosen for the coffee at room temperature, had a low air humidity, the refrigerator was set at a temperature of 4°C, and the freezer was set at -22 ° C.

During the tasting (with an extraction at 93 ° C and a dose of coffee of 15gr) it emerged that the coffee stored in the pantry had a good crema, a balanced aroma and a good body.The Best Method for Coffee Storage!

The coffee stored in the fridge, however, had a less persistent crema than the first and a less balanced aroma. The body was also lighter.

The crema of the last coffee, the one stored in the freezer, was the least consistent and elastic of all. The aroma was comparable to that of the coffee stored inside the fridge. This one however, was more balanced.

We can therefore deduce that the lower temperatures of the refrigerator and the freezer might slow down the process of aging of the beans, but the humidity and the possible condensation are going to influence the aromas and the coffee cream.


We therefore recommend that you keep the coffee in the pantry at a room temperature and always close the package well after use!