Coffee fat: is it good or bad?

Is the fat contained in coffee essential for the quality of the espresso?


Coffee fat: is it good or bad?

The coffee bean contains a lipid part which is of fundamental importance for the creation of the espresso cream. Not only that, it is also necessary to convey the flavors to our taste sensors.

Of the two most used coffee species, Arabica contains almost 60% more fat than Robusta: 15-17% compared to 10-11.5%. From some studies it seems that there is a direct correlation between the lipid content in coffee and its quality in the cup.

What is interesting to note is that during the roasting process, the amount of fat in coffee stays unchanged (like does the caffeine!)

Coffee fat: is it good or bad?

This fatty part of the coffee is therefore essential for obtaining a high quality. However, this tends to deposit on all surfaces that come into contact with the coffee, oxidizing it and, if not removed in time, it can contaminate our coffee cup with rancid hints.

Daily cleaning of equipment with suitable products is one of the most important actions for obtaining a good cup.

Gianfranco Carubelli, owner of Asachimici Pulicaff, after having debunked many myths about cleaning equipment for espresso difficult to make disappear, in this video he speaks to us of the fat part of the coffee and of the importance of removing it regularly to avoid scents of rancid and bottoms of coffee in the cup.