The Mokaflor rainbow – BLACK blend

The Mokaflor rainbow is made of the classic espresso blends of the Italian tradition.

Each of our blends has its own character and identity. Don’t know which one to choose? Here are some nice and short videos that will help you find the coffee that best suits your taste and your needs!


The Mokaflor rainbow - BLACK blend


The BLACK blend

It’s a delicate and very high profile blend 100% Arabica. The Central American washed Arabica, mixed with the natural Arabica, harmonize the blend giving aromas and body to the cup. It’s a perfect coffee both for pure espresso and for milk preparations: in particular for espresso macchiato. The well balanced aromas and the lightness of the arabica coffees, make the blend interesting also for extraction in filter coffee.


The origins that compose this blend are three:

– Djimmah Etiopia

– Brasile Alta Mogiana Franca

– Honduras Marcala SHB

To get to the choice of these coffees and their combination in the blend, a long research was carried out to determine the perfect balance of their characteristics in the cup.


The roasting of these coffees is carried out with our discontinuous artisan method from about 20 to 25 minutes. In this way we can guarantee the achievement of the ideal roasting point for each variety of coffee. Then leaving them to rest for at least 48 hours, this assures the release of the gases generated during roasting, but the preservation of aromas.


For this evaluation the coffee was tasted in 93° espresso, with an extraction of 25 ml in 26 seconds.

This blend brings in the cup a hazelnut-colored cream with clear stripes. The acidity is evident during the taste, thanks to the Ethiopian coffee inside, which brings freshness to the cup. In the aftertaste, we perceive an interesting sweetness and bitterness, well balanced between them. There are also notes of cardamom, vanilla and tobacco, as well as pleasant chocolate sensations.

Watch the video and immerse yourself in the Mokaflor rainbow!