Tips and tricks on how to correctly press coffee!

Pressing coffee correctly is certainly one of the fundamental bases for obtaining an excellent extraction.

Too often we observe bartenders who use too much force during the pressing phase, or repeat the movement too many times. Pressing is much easier than you think. It’s a movement that must be short and decisive, so that all the excess air is pushed out, while at the same time trying to obtain a flat and uniform surface.

Tips and tricks on how to correctly press coffee!

Techniques and tricks on the correct PRESSING of ground coffee

Among the technical requirements for the proper preparation of espresso coffee, the right degree of grinding and the right amount of ground coffee are important factors that can influence the pressing.

Why complicate your life? Below you will find a complete guide that could be useful during the preparation of your espresso.
# 1

One of the first steps is to find a good place where we to do this movement. Numerous baristas press the coffee holding the portafilter or resting it on the first surface they find available. The filter holder should be placed on a special mat or a pressing station, to avoid damaging the dispensers.


One of the main mistakes then, is to press with the maximum force intensity. Not only is this not good for the coffee, but you could also risk hurting your wrist!

# 3

Another common error which derives from too vigorous pressing, is that of not being able to create a flat surface. This will lead to a change in the density of the coffee inside the portafilter, risking a non-constant extraction.

Tips and tricks on how to correctly press coffee!
# 4

Removing the press from the portafilter too quickly is not correct: if this movement is done too fast, you could risk removing coffee as well.

# 5

Finally, another commonly performed mistake is to repeat the action more than once: this is a waste of time that we could dedicate to the next customer!

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