This month our bestseller is…

This month our bestseller at Caffèlab is… the Rwanda Sake! 

Sake Farm

Located in the district of Ngoma, in the eastern part of Rwanda, the Sake Farm takes its name from the lake Sake, that runs alongside it.

The plantation has been managed by Marie Laetitia Kayitesire since 1999, when the first bourbon coffee variety was planted here.

In 2003, a washing station was built inside the plantation, located at 1450 mt a.s.l, which carefully and scrupulously processes the Specialty Coffee lots cultivated by 2,200 farmers. The coffee that we have selected is of the Bourbon and Kent varieties.

This month our bestseller is...


This project is part of the International Women Coffee Alliance (IWCA). In fact, the farmers of the Sake Farm are mainly women and young people who, thanks to their guaranteed salaries are able to significantly improve their lives and reduce poverty in this area.

In this project, women play a very important role. The program aims to strengthen women’s participation at all levels of the coffee supply chain and to improve processing throughout the coffee sector in the country.

In addition to its own operations, the Sake Farm plantation in the Eastern Province of Rwanda also supports 2,200 farmers in the surrounding area. The financial support aims to improve the technical infrastructure and skills at the plantation and its processing unit.

The goal is to increase the quality and quantity of coffee produced, as well as improve the farm’s ability to pass on knowledge that will benefit smaller farmers, making the Sake Farm also an information hub in the area.

This month our bestseller is...


Rwanda Sake represents a cup of coffee with a medium but silky body, with interesting notes of black tea, citrus and marzipan together with a complex acidity and a pleasent sweetness.

This coffee has received 84 points according to the SCA cupping protocol.

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