Mokaflor Rossa – Red Blend!

Today we´re going to talk about one of our bestselling blends and probably the favorite for milk lovers. The Mokaflor Rossa!


Because of the significant percentage of Robusta, this blend is ideal for all milk preparations such as cappuccino and latte macchiato.


The Mokaflor Rossa, or Red Blend, is a 60% Arabica 40% Robusta. The plant varieties in this blend are two types of Arabica : Catuai – Caturra (from Brazil) and Typica – Djimmah (from Ethiopia) and two Robusta from Uganda and India.

Mokaflor Rossa - Red Blend!


The coffees in this blend all undergo the “natural” processing method. This means that the coffee cherries are picked and laid onto sun-drying beds. When the cherry dries out (usually after about 72 hours, in which they continually get turned), the coffee beans are removed.

This gives the coffee a very complex and round body, with an excellent sweetness and smoothness.


This coffee has a distinct character which combines the body and sweetness of Brazilian and Ethiopian Arabica, together with the intensity and creaminess of Indian and Indonesian Robusta varieties.

The cream is dark brown / hazelnut. The body and bitterness are a highlight, contrasted by a pleasing sweetness and a little hint of acidity. Scents of wood and cocoa with a light aftertaste of citric fruits.

Mokaflor Rossa - Red Blend!