Coffee Brewing Methods

After having recently introduced our latest addition to the Caffèlab Line, Finca San Joaquin, today we would like to speak about some of the most used drinking methods for these Specialty Coffees.

The coffee brewing methods, or also the “third wave of coffee”, are quite a few. Although this is fascinating about this new approach it can also be overwhelming. Today we`re going to analyze just some of the most frequently used ones, and what the main differences are.


This dripper method gets its name from the 60° V-shaped cone. It`s very easy to use, and like most of the brewers with paper filter, the cup flavor is clean. This is because all oils and “fines” (small particles of ground coffee) are kept in the filter, leaving a delicate and clear taste.
This is the perfect brewing method if you want to experiment with different parameters and you can prepare 1 to 4 cups at a time.

Coffee Brewing Methods


The method is similar to the V60, the coffee extraction is by percolation gravity. This brewer is more stylish (it´s exposed inside of MOMA, in NYC) and can extract up to 6 cups of coffee. Also in this case, the cup is very clean because of the paper filters, which are even thicker than the ones used for the V60.
Coffee Brewing Methods

French press

The French press is probably the oldest of these methods and the one that will give your coffee the thickest body. This is because coffee and water stay in contact the entire time (this is why it´s called immersion method), and the oils and coffee fines can go through the metal filter.
Coffee Brewing Methods


This is the newest, most versatile and easiest to carry-with brewing method. The coffee made with an Aeropress also has a good body because of the given pressure.
Coffee Brewing Methods

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Coffee Brewing Course

The trainers of our Espresso Academy will unravel the wide and interesting world of coffee brewing. During the course you will analyze, undergo and train all different aspects which need to be taken into consideration for all brewing methods.

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Coffee Brewing Methods