Mokaflor and the Women Coffee Project

Mokaflor supports the Women Coffee Project, by buying green coffee from plantations that take part to this initiative.


Women and coffee

This year´s International Coffee Day was dedicated to women and their role in the coffee production chain. This is because still nowadays there is a large inequality between genders especially in the producing countries.

Mokaflor and the Women Coffee Project

The goal of the organization “Con Manos de Mujer”, established in 2009 in Guatemala, is to give women an equal opportunity by valuing their work throughout the coffee production chain.

The seal of this organization certifies that all women working in the farms where the coffee comes from are treated equally and with respect and that their economic and living conditions have a good standard.

Mokaflor and the Women Coffee Project

Coffee that supports women

One of our latest arrivals is a coffee from Guatemala  grown by 27 women in a plantation of the mountain region Chimaltenango, supported by the Women Coffee Project (“Con Manos de Mujer”).

All women work with the utmost respect for their territory, promoting biodiversity, using the fresh water in their mountains and exclusively organic fertilizers for the production process.

The coffee is grown in the shade and picked by hand selecting the drupes at the best level of ripeness and processed using the washed method.

Try the Caffèlab Guatemala Women Coffee Project, here!

Mokaflor and the Women Coffee ProjectTaste

This coffee has a smooth  body, intense perceptions of wild strawberries and sweet peaches . In the long aftertaste  light notes of cocoa.

The production location is San Jose Poaquil, characterized by a sub-tropical humid climate.

Peaches, passion fruits and plums are also cultivated and collected in the community, and are sold together with the fabrics and baskets produced.

Small steps towards a better future

Because of its many steps, the coffee production chain interests and affects many different figures and people. From the farmers in plantations to intermediaries, roasters, shops and cafés, to the cup you are drinking.

At Mokaflor we try to make steps to support those who need it the most, especially those at the beginning of the production chain.  Together we can do more!

Have a look at this video about the Women Coffee Project!