Our new Caffèlab website is online!

Hey there, it’s been quite a while since we last came out with some news. But as the saying goes no news are good news, that has been the case here at Mokaflor. In fact, we’ve been very busy developing new projects, existing and new clients and on selecting new coffees for you.

Our new Caffèlab website is online!
What are Specialty Coffees? Find out on caffelab.com

One of our biggest challenges was the launch of the new Caffèlab e-commerce and now it’s finally ONLINE! Our aim was to develop a more user-friendly platform, with clear and specific sections for each type of coffee, extraction method, tool and machinery. We tried to improve the information quantity and quality about each coffee, giving you more details, photos, videos and tips from our experts.


One of our main challenges was to develop a platform which would be user friendly and with a much faster check out procedure, while at the same time giving you as many details and information about each coffee.

The check out procedure is in fact very fast to access directly at the top of the page, once you enter the selected coffee. Here you’ll easily also be able to select the grind setting and weight of your coffee.

As you will see, each coffee has its own characteristics, aromatic profiles and details which are all well displayed at the beginning of each page. If you want to go into more detail, just scroll down the page for the entire product description, information about the coffee and the farmer, with their background and history.

Our new Caffèlab website is online!
The new Caffelab product page


While developing the new Caffèlab online project, we also wanted to do an upgrade to one of the most important elements of our user experience: the packaging.

A good packaging not only needs to look good but it should also transmit as much information and feeling about the product inside of it. This is why, we decided to clearly distinguish the three different coffee typologies between: specialty & single origin (white), blends (black) and green coffee (paper).

On the label, we’ve included as many important details about the coffee as possible without overloading you with information. The user can find more details on the online product page simply by accessing the QR code on the back of the bag.