Ready, set, off to Brazil!

In Italy, August is the month of closure for many companies. We take the opportunity to visit the Brazilian coffee plantations during their harvest period!

Helena and Eleonora are leaving for a journey that will take them to the states of Espirìto Santo and Minas Gerais: the two largest areas in Brazil for coffee production.

Here they will visit plantations and producers of different varieties of arabica and robusta, some of which are already our suppliers and others which are new!

Moreover, Helena will be doing workshops on behalf of the Espresso Academy, mainly focusing on tasting techniques and the difference between coffee varieties from different countries of the world.

The coffee harvest

Coffee beans are harvested in many parts of the world during a certain period of the year. This primary crop is also called “Main crop”. In some countries very close to the Equator, that have an all-year warm climate, harvesting can also take place twice. The term used for the secondary harvest is “Fly Crop”.

Below is a table showing the different countries and coffee harvesting periods:

Country                 Main Crop Fly Crop
Brazil May – September
Colombia September – January March – June
Tanzania October – February
Guatemala September – April
Honduras September – February
Mexico September – March
Peru June – November
Sumatra October – March
Kenya October – March May – August
Ethiopia November – February
Hawaii October – March
Costarica October – March
Yemen October – December
Jamaica December – March