In Europe, summer has finally arrived and one of our favorite drinks certainly is ICED COFFEE. This is a time when all cafés include the Cold Brew on their menu. Thanks to the use of cold water, the bitterness and acidity of coffee are reduced.

There are two main methods for cold coffee extraction:

Percolation: here we use one of the stylish Cold Brew percolators, which, unlike the glass flasks, produce the extraction very slowly drop by drop in 8/12 hours. If you want, you can add some almond milk or tonic water.

Infusion: here the coffee is left for about 8/12 hours in an infusion and is then pressed through a cloth or paper filter. In this case you get a concentrate, which must be diluted with a ratio of 1: 1 or even 1: 2. The great thing about this type of extraction is that you can leave it in the fridge for up to one week, without losing the taste!

How to make your own cold brew at home?SUMMER RECIPE: COLD BREW FOR HOME

First of all we need coffee, preferably a light roasted one with a rather coarse grind (for example, one of our newest Mokaflor organic coffees or our light roasted Brewing Special Cut coffee is perfect for that)

Then we need another glass that is big enough. You could use a jam jar for example!
Put the coffee and the water in the glass, (for 1 liter of water you need 250gr of coffee). Then close the glass and let the coffee draw at room temperature. If you feel like experimenting you can also try to put it straight into the fridge, to see the difference in the taste.

After 8/12 hours, reopen the glass and filter the coffee with a paper filter. If you have a V60 with a filter, perfect. If not, then use a funnel and put a paper filter inside.

Now you have your own Cold Brew. However, this is a coffee concentrate that still needs to be mixed! For example with water, ice cubes or other ingredients. We, for example, mixed a Colombian Specialty Coffee together with Chinotto, an Italian refreshing drink made of bitter orange, which tasted fantastic!

If you have a french press, you can also use that instead of the jam jar. This makes filtering a bit easier!