The Coffee ABC – A for Arabica

Where to start with our coffee ABC? Our journey into the world of coffee should start with one of the two widest spread coffee varieties: Arabica.

One of the two most used coffee varieties and probably the most used in the world is the Arabica type. The country where it was first discovered is Ethiopia. Back in the 9th century the first plants were discovered in the region of ‘Kaffa’, where coffee takes its name from. Arabica can be of many different varieties, most of which are of a very high quality. The Arabica variety gives the coffee a delicate and round taste. It can have different aromas, from honey to nuts and light chocolate, and it usually also gives the coffee a balanced acidity.

We use Arabica in most of our blends, going from the varieties of Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia to Ethiopia, Kenya and many more. Find out more about our espresso blends, here!

The Coffee ABC - A for Arabica