Coffee from Nepal

A few months ago, the latest Espresso Academy abroad opened in Nepal. Our partner, Red Cherry Roasting Company, with whom we´ve started the project, roasts excellent Specialty Coffees in Kathmandu and has sent us some samples to get a feedback on.



The tasting method used was the Brazilian Cupping, a standard protocol widely used throughout the coffee chain that allows quality to be assessed without the extraction method influencing the result. In this case the roasting is done with a sample machine and a specific toasting curve to accentuate the characteristics and possible defects of the coffee.


The absence of defects is the most important feature in a high quality coffee. This particular Nepalese coffee presented a remarkable cleanness and uniformity in the cup, but the thing that surprised us the most was the round body that leaves a pleasant creaminess in the mouth and accentuates the perceived sweetness of the drink.

After the tasting we all agreed that the aromas we could perceive were of milk chocolate but also some citrus notes that give the cup a greater freshness and lightness.


Finally we can say that it´s an excellent coffee, very versatile in the sense that it could be roasted for both a filter preparation and for espresso (which ultimately begins to gain popularity in many Nepalese cities, including some small high mountain villages accessible only by foot)!

This occasion was also used to evaluate the possibility of importing it into Italy and adding it to our single origin coffee list.

Espresso Academy

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Coffee from Nepal