NITRO COLD BREW: The Summer Drink!

A cold, creamy and velvety coffee that is becoming popular all over the world: let’s discover the Nitro Cold Brew!

Summer means cold brew! Today we will talk about a more creamy and velvety iced coffee version of a cold brew: the Nitro coffee.

It’s quite recent drink: the first to invent it seems to have been an American barista in 2013 who started serving this version of a cold brew by adding nitrogen and extracted with a system similar to those used for draft beer.

NITRO COLD BREW: The Summer Drink!

The result in the cup is a creamy, velvety coffee, which is very similar to a stout beer like Guinness. The taste, as for all cold coffee extractions, is very soft and sweet, without peaks of acidity or bitterness.

How to prepare Nitro Cold Brew with a limited investment, at home?

First we would need a Cold Brew or a Cold Drip coffee and obviously the raw material: a coffee with a light roast profile for brewing, which you can find on by clicking on this link! 

To make a Nitro Cold Brew use a simple siphon such as those used for whipped cream. These are the steps to follow to obtain a perfect extraction:

NITRO COLD BREW: The Summer Drink!

1. Insert half a liter of cold brew into the siphon and close well
2. Hook a nitrogen can onto the siphon and screw it until the gas enters
3. Shake the Siphon well and place it in the fridge for 1/2 hours before serving in very cold glasses
4. For a sweeter or flavored version, add the sugar syrup or flavored syrups directly into the Siphon together with the coffee