The Bernini Blend

The Bernini blend follows a traditional recipe created by the founder, Vasco Bernini, in the early 50s. This signature blend bears the name of the family because it identifies a product of excellence not only from the qualitative point of view, but also aimed at obtaining the best result through espresso extraction.

But let’s take a moment to go back in time. When and how were the first Italian espresso blends born?

The first blends were created at the end of the nineteenth century, when the availability of the raw material, then green coffee, was still very limited.

With the few resources available at the time, the same type of coffee purchased from the various countries of origin such as Brazil, Kenya or Yemen, could vary from season to season, giving a big difference in the taste of the espresso. This was one of the first reasons why Italian roasters began to mix together various types of coffees to create a unique but repeatable flavor.

While mixing and roasting, they realized the strong influence they could give on the final result in the cup. This knowledge together with the development of espresso machines, gave life to the true tradition of Italian espresso.

Our 100% Arabica Bernini blend is perfectly balanced between body and aroma, with a subtle and low acidity, creamy and sweet at the same time and with distant hints of chocolate. It´s the result of what we consider a perfect balance between the natural Arabica beans of South America and the washed Arabica of Central America and Africa.

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