The Mokaflor Coffee Shop in Bahrain

At Mokaflor, our main goal is to always achieve the highest quality. We confidently believe we can say that  the quality of our coffees, the expertise of our employees, our traditions and innovative views are what have led our company to have a 70 year old history.

This knowledge developed over the years has also allowed us to support the opening of various Mokaflor Concepts around the world

With this article we’ll have time to visit one of our Mokaflor Concepts in Manama Bahrain, successfully owned and managed by Saeed Eftekharyan. 

Saeed, how did the idea of ​​opening a Mokaflor Concept here in Manama come about?

The Mokaflor Coffee Shop in Bahrain

The project was born by chance. I was thinking of opening a franchise store, I didn’t even think about coffee because I believed that a coffee shop was a place of quick passage, while I was trying to open something where people could spend time during their day. 
By coincidence I met Bianca and the Mokaflor family at the Specialty Food Fair in Dubai during Gulf Food, which opened my eyes to the potential that could be developed in this market and to the difference between a high quality coffee compared to commercial, low quality ones. I was fascinated by the Italian culture linked to the world of espresso, the value of roasting, the coffee crema and of the many possibilities of combinations, origins, and varieties they could offer.

Starting from that first meeting, the idea was born to open the first Mokaflor store in my country, Bahrain. Today, the surface of our coffee shop extends over 300 square meters, with a staff of more than 15, all trained by Espresso Academy, the Mokaflor coffee school, to get to know and offer the best of what we sell.

The Mokaflor Coffee Shop in Bahrain

Coffee knowledge means enhancing quality, right? 

Most people believe that coffee is just a quick fix you drink in the morning: when you go into detail and explain to your customers what’s inside a coffee cup, people start to really care and become curious. They’ll enjoy their daily coffee even more, knowing more about all the differences in the processes along the coffee chain.

What is the audience you’re targeting with your coffee menu?

When we started we decided to focus on a younger audience, because we thought these could be customers who would appreciate spending many hours inside a coffee shop to study and work. We try to make their experience as comfortable and pleasant, so they’ll come back in the future!

The Mokaflor Coffee Shop in Bahrain

Which coffees do you serve at your Mokaflor store?

We mainly use the 80/20 Golden blend, which is the most popular, even for connoisseurs. On a smaller scale, we also use the 60/40 Red blend – we order it especially for the Americans who live in our country, they love it very much.

What are the ideas behind the design of your shop?

Our furnishing is like the coffee we offer: we try to change it each season for an always new experience. We love to make people feel at home and we like to do so with our design, interiors and the coffee we serve!

What are the projects in this sense? Will new Mokaflor stores open in Manama?

We’re planning to open a new store, bigger than this one, inside one of the largest shopping centers in Bahrain. This type of customer is more of the luxury shopper type. We’ll keep you posted!