The difference between cold brew and iced coffee (+ our favorite recipes)

Coffee is delicious also in summer, especially if prepared with these cold coffee recipes which are different to the classic cold brew!

In summer, our need for caffeine certainly does not drop, but honestly, on hot days, the classic coffee cup is less inviting. We are used to the cold brew which in recent years has become one of the favorite coffee drinks around, not only in summer!
But since we want to honour our Italian roots we will have a look at our favorite Italian coffee recipes. From  the shaken coffee (or “caffè shakerato”), to the recipe of the Italian affogato al caffè, or the cold creamy macchiato coffee, maybe with Baileys. This is the moment when coffee is tasted as cold or even better, frozen. Here is a collection of the best recipes for you!
The difference between cold brew and iced coffee (+ our favorite recipes)
Cold shakerato coffee is one of the most famous and loved summer coffee recipe by Italians!

1. Creamy shakerato iced coffee

This classic Italian coffee summer drink has to be on the first place of our list.  The caffè shakerato is a recipe spread throughout Italy and is among the most popular coffee-based summer drinks. Let’s see the basic recipe and some variations to it.

Cold coffee shaken recipe
  • Take a large shaker (the best ones are the Boston ones, the ones made in two pieces that fit together) and insert about 10-15 ice cubes (or if you prefer about 140 grams)
  • Prepare a long double espresso. If you do not have an espresso machine, even a Moka will do the joy, perhaps with a blend in which the Central American sweet coffees predominate, such as our Mokaflor 100% Arabica Bernini blend.
  • Once you’ve extracted the coffee, it can be left to cool down but this is not essential
  • Do we like it sweet? Nothing wrong with that! However, you should not use granulated sugar, which melts with more difficulty. Instead, you can use sugar syrup which is obtained by heating water and then pouring the sugar (in the measure of a third of sugar for two thirds of water). Interesting sugar alternatives are Agave or Maple syrup, to stay lighter …
  • Shake well for about 10 seconds and pour into a Martini cup (the triangular one) or into a flute (here you can see the frothed, creamy part better!)

The result will be a cold shaken coffee with a high and dense consistent cream and an unmistakable flavor. Nevertheless, the variations are many and all to be explored. We can make our cold coffee creamy by adding some whipped liquid cream, to be shaken together. Or we could add a pleasant alcoholic note with Baileys or rum (they go very well together!) Another variation is with a hint of cream on top and some crumbled amaretto!

2. Coffee Affogato

Also the famous affogato with coffee remains an unmissable Italian classic. The recipe of the affogato with coffee is composed of only two ingredients. Precisely for this reason it is essential that these are of the highest level.

Affogato coffee recipe
  • Prepare a coffee. Also in this case it is good to make an espresso (maybe a little longer one) or a Moka and let it cool so that it is tepid.
  • Put two scoops of ice cream (possibly vanilla as per tradition, but other milk flavors like hazelnut or pistachio are also good!) in a cup.
  • Pour the coffee over the ice cream and add some chocolate powder (if you like) or a bit of whipped cream, some nuts or biscuit grain that give a little crunch!

For this recipe, use a full-bodied coffee with a strong aroma that perfectly matches the sweet and fresh taste of the milk-based ice cream, like our Mokaflor intense blend Rossa 60/40.

The difference between cold brew and iced coffee (+ our favorite recipes)

3. Affogato shakerato iced coffee

The union between the first two recipes and probably our favorite is the Affogato shakerato! This version can be served both as normal or alcoholic version by adding a small part of liqueur.

Recipe for the affogato shakerato

  • Prepare a coffee and put it in the shaker without necessarily letting it cool down
  • Add sugar syrup (Agave or Maple are always good as an alternative!) and add a spoonful of liqueur if you like
  • Put two scoops of ice cream (possibly vanilla as usual, but other milk-based flavors such as hazelnut or pistachio are also good!) in a small cup
  • Shake the coffee with the other ingredients and pour over the ice cream

For this summer preparation we recommend a coffee with a sweet and intense aroma and an aftertaste of bitter cocoa so as to perfectly match with the other ingredients, such as our Mokaflor Blu 50/50 blend.

The difference between cold brew and iced coffee (+ our favorite recipes)
Il caffè espresso freddo è ideale per un estate calda

4. Espresso freddo (cold Espresso)

It may seem like a simple recipe, but that’s exactly what we like about the cold espresso! It is an espresso coffee prepared and poured over two ice cubes, in a glass. For this preparation we recommend our 100% Arabica Mokaflor Nera blend with a delicate and fine aroma, perfect to be tasted as a unique ingredient!

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A special alternative would be that of the Greek iced coffee, which the Greek prepare with instant coffee, but which becomes even better with a a normal espresso! The recipe for the Greek iced coffee requires, in addition to coffee, sugar and ice to be poured into a blender. When turned at maximum speed this will turn into a delicious cream!